The Arena of Madness (aka Colosseum) is the place that warriors of all levels come to fight against impossible odds, but for those who survived long enough, they'll be awarded with astounding riches.

  • If the player is dead, the Arena guy will resurrect the player and gives the player a prize based on the amount of kills.
  • A minimum of 10 kills is required to gain an item.
  • If the player has 100+ kills (~20 waves), the prize will be guaranteed legendary. The closer the player is to 100 kills, once over 80, there is a chance of obtaining a legendary item.

Tip: Sometimes it'll spawn a green cyclops that spawns some smaller goblins once every few seconds. Those goblins don't count as "kills". And sometimes it spawns an ooze that spawns smaller oozes when it dies. Those small oozes don't count either.

There is a Glitch in crazy mode that occurs when you attack the Colosseum Keeper. Upon attack, it will trigger the code that makes him come to your aid when you die, but instead of teleporting, he copies himself and both realize that they should be attacking you, so you must kill both of them. Once you do, you must then exit to the map to save the game. When you try to enter the colosseum again, the game will crash. REMEMBER: If you die, the game will crash. If you go into the battle area, it will crash when you die. The glitch is funny because sometimes his corpse will talk and he is VERY powerful and challenging to fight.

RECAP: Kill the two colosseum keepers, exit map, you will get locked out of the arena.