aka Grey Forcer

  • I live in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is still a student
  • I am 100% male
  • Battlehard101

    A few updates

    March 18, 2017 by Battlehard101

    An update on my Barb, she has completed the highest difficulty in 25 hours, spawning 2 NG+ copies, one INT (Witch/Necro/Minor Wizard), one DEX (Ranger/Rogue/Ninja), will make a tank but somehow tank gameplay feels boring.

    Also updates from my real life as well. I've been bored looking for a good challenge (that's also the reason why I redownloaded this game for the highest difficulty), and I've been playing Dark Souls for a while (which makes pushing the difficulty bar to the max an instinct) and got addicted to it actually. Recently defeated Ornstein & Smough after 3 days of tryhard.

    That's enough of the real life. Back to this wiki, I feel like the fanbase isn't large enough, and I can't really make a talk about anything and interact with …

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  • Battlehard101


    January 31, 2017 by Battlehard101

    2017, I'm finally redownloading this game since I haven't even completed insane mode.

    It truly is insane. I suck. Though I'm still rocking my traditional almost pure Barb (with makeshift Aura of Light lifesteal and smoke bomb and BARD CHARM). It's still really squishy with Enrage on though, so I might need to get some END or tanking skills.

    I started with a bow because I thought it'd be best to kite for minimal damage taken. Turns out I wasn't doing well even though Sneak Attack gives dodge. I got some CHA at like Lv. 6 or something for Charming to divert enemy focus. Though its cooldown is too damn high. I also bought 2 Regen rings to save potions.

    I died a lot really, like I was playing this game for the first time. Bows are too slow and ca…

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