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    Wizened Wizard

    June 10, 2014 by Bpcookson

    So after much muddling about with various characters, only two of which surpassed lv.20 (a Monk and a Necromancer), I finally decided it was time for a proper Wizard. I must say, starting out with Chain Lightning and no staff is slow and painful. Unfortunately, getting the staff at lv.3 doesn't make it much better. Meteor at lv.4 seemed pretty cool, but I was still a sitting duck after blowing my CD's. Then comes Wild Magic, and it helps to have more crits, but that's rather unreliable. The third active ability, Blizzard, finally gives you something to work with. You can start kiting melee mobs, which is nice, but it gets tricky real quick in tight spaces.

    Finally, at lv.7, you get Teleport. Now THIS is something I could work with. The prob…

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