• Sueyguy

    blood magic

    July 16, 2016 by Sueyguy

    recently i have been using the blood magic witch active ability alot. I find it super interresting to use as its a huge power boost to your damage as well as a great challenge to use since it burns your health bar although thier are many ways to deal with that set back i find the skill overall very fun to use and it makkes the game a real challenge especially early on.

    so far i have tried a magic build where i use only periodic effect attacks or summon monster spells (primarly the muumy) and life drain. the goal of the build is to get the passive impending doom (whether you get it from new game+ or train it is up to you, although i prefer to start with it in new game plus as it requires you to differ to much from a more INT bassed build). s…

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