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  • Xunderscore

    This Blog is inspired by the amazing Bpcookson's (hope you see this!)"The Wizened Wizard," blog which I had tons of fun reading it. I wanted to do something similar so here it is.

    So, after finally beating the game with a combination of a Battlemage/Wizard/Ninja, I've decided to stray away from the Wiki's Character Builds section and try to make my own build. I'll be using the New Game+ function to complete my build, however I'll completely finish the skill trees of the classes I'll be using and give you my opinion on them and their skills. I'm no pro at it, but I already the end result in mind. I'm hoping this'll turn out to be a good one, and if not, at least I had fun :D Well, let's get started.

    The focus of my first play through is to ge…

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