Haggerdom's history goes back a long way and here is listed most of it's relevant history.

Main HistoryEdit

"As it happens, this city was the first ravaged in the Lich Wars 500 years ago. The court wizard, Morduin, who served Haggerdom's king at the time tried to usurp the throne. Morduin was executed for his treason, but in death rose as a mighty lich. He raised an army of foul creatures and laid waste to this continent. For decades his power went uncontested. The site of our fair Capital was known only as Doomvale, its true name fading into history. In time, a party of heroes rose up form the ashes and defeated Morduin's army, but by then the city's name had been lost to time, and the grave." (This story is most likely linked to the main story in the first Battleheart game.).

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